marți, 19 octombrie 2010

Felicitari inedite - paper architecture

Acest gen de felicitari pot avea  pe langa destinatia specifica ca forma atractiva de urare scrisa si un rol  decorativ deosebit pentru anumite spatii :biblioteca,birou, nise in perete,etajere,masute,etc
Prin  geometrismul specific si contrastele de lumina si umbra generate in spatiu datorita tridimensionalitatii si expresiei relatiei gol-plin,ele dobandesc un aspect chiar atractiv si modern.

Acest model poate servi si ca suport pentru creioane,pixuri...doar cateva,discret si elegant.

Observation: The pattern was worked by me on computer!The author of this design is IKO.Other works by this author can see here: 

4 comentarii:

Quatro spunea...

Hi, Modart

Very beautiful architecture model.
I liked it.

Carol P spunea...

Please provide a link back to my blog, the source of this pattern. Thanks!

Modart spunea...

Dear Carol,the pattern was worked by me on computer and took me A LOT OF TIME!!!
Having others proportions and lesser planes(my intention) i had to make many calculations between some distances for to obtain a good example.Yes,the model on your blog inspired me but i didn't work that pattern.Say me who is the designer of the model and i'll poste the name.
As in origami if i work a piece i always say the name of the author,(if i know it)but the part of diagrame is my option if i want or not to say the source where i found it.
I prefer ppl to ask me about,not to give their all ready-made!
This is my politic on my blog and i have and many others reasons for it.
I hope to understand,and not to judge me wrong.

Best wishes!

Carol P spunea...

The original design is by IKO, who used to have a site at

The site is no longer active.