joi, 5 aprilie 2012

Oristar Decagonal

                                             Personal model (5 units connected with glue)

Poate nicicand punctul nu cunoaste o perspectiva mai atractiva decat in cazul motivelor decorative stelare.
Acest model poate fi atasat pe o suprafata plana datorita inclinatiei la 180 de grade a bratelor ce incadreaza starul pentagonal in relief.Poate constitui un element de decor deosebit pentru o fereastra,vitrina avand in vedere efectul lui decorativ in lumina soarelui, efect rezultat din alcatuirea modulelor prin pliere.

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Oqueemeuenosso spunea...

Hi, Modart. How are you?

Beautiful red Oristar. Congrats!

Meg is really very calm, and she stay more calm next to me (did you remember that Meg was the ill "dog" that I adopted last year?).

Wherever I go ... she follows me ... all the time ... lolololol

She seems a cat, but she hates them :)

About the Astra's video I need patience to made subtitles, because I know that its very boring for foreigners understand other spoken languages (fortunately the images are translated

Bye, friend.